Annual Conference on European Family Law 2024.

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Barcelona & Online, 3 October 2024 – 4 October 2024

  • Drafting marriage contracts
  • Protection of adults
  • Recent case law

Languages: English, Spanish (simultaneous interpretation)
Event number: 124R15
Areas of law: Family Law, Private International Law


This conference will enable practitioners specialising in family law to keep up-to-date with the most recent developments in legislation, jurisprudence and practice on a European and international level.

The focus will be on the preparation and drafting of matrimonial and family property agreements, which are particularly challenging in cross-border situations.

Another focal point will be on the protection of vulnerable adults. The number of such cross-border cases is increasing. These can involve adults who have assets abroad or people who spend long periods of their retirement in holiday destinations and other countries.

The conference will also include a detailed report on recent CJEU case law in family matters, and a progress report on the application of the Brussels IIb Regulation.

Key topics

  • International marriage contracts
  • Protection of adults in an international setting
  • First experience in applying the Brussels IIb Regulation
  • Recent CJEU case law in family matters

Who should attend?

Lawyers in private practice, family lawyers, notaries, judges, officials in ministries and central authorities, academics.

Online participation

The event will be streamed live online. You have the option to join the conference on Zoom, enabling you to ask questions and take part in the discussion with participants in Barcelona.

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